Herbert Buhtz (GER) - winner of the Diamond Sculls in 1932 - wrote this card on July 3rd 1934 at Henley. He complained to a friend in Berlin that he suffered from illness and again had  no luck in the draw for the Diamond Sculls as he had to race against Douglas in the first round and would meet Southwood (GBR) - whom he regarded as the most dangerous opponent - in the third round.
PC GBR 1933 Henley Regatta Grand Challenge Cup M8 final PC GBR 1933 written and signed by Herbert Buhtz GER winner of the Diamond Sculls 1932 1934 PU Henley July 3rd 1934

Nevertheless he won the final. Quote from R. D. Burnell in his book "Henley Regatta" (p. 167):

Not the least remarkable performance of the Regatta (1934) was that of H. Buhtz. He was

suffering from lumbago, and took matters as easily as he dared, his great pace enabling him,

in every race, to gain an early lead and then slack off... Unquestionably he was one of the

greatest scullers Henley has ever seen." (1957)





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