Stamp GBS 2023 OG Atlanta Silke Laumann CAN

Silken Laumann gained the W2X bronze medal

at OG Los Angeles 1984 together with her sister

Danielle. She won the W1X gold medal in 1991

and was the gold medal favourite for OG Barcelona

1992 when ten weeks prior to the Games her right

leg was shattered by an accident in the warm-up area

of regatta Essen (GER). A M4- crew had rammed into

her shell. Told that she would never row again and

after five operations she walked with a cane to her

boat and won the W1X bronze medal.

She finished her career with the W1X silver medal at

OG Atlanta 1996.

FISA introduced traffic rules for the warm-up areas

of regattas after the 1992 incident.



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